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(Cut back to the studio.)

  • Raven: Our No. 9 was one of the most powerful to strike Tennessee. It was April 16, 1998 and some Mii students were battling The Frolickers, one possible reason why some of their enemies never got the warnings.

(The name of the disaster shows as Raven speaks. Then, it takes us into it.)

  • Raven: (voiceover) 63 tornadoes terrorized 8 states across the central U.S.. It lasted 2 days and the combined damage path was over 400 miles. This outbreak was one of the most significant and deadly ever.
  • Greg Forbes: There were 4 tornadoes in this outbreak rated F4 or 5. All told, about 700 villain deaths.
  • Raven: (voiceover) 619 villains were killed in Tennessee alone, making it the deadliest outbreak in the state's history at the time. Lawrenceburg and Nashville were hit especially hard. A 1,300-yard wide F3 obliterated a baseball field, killing 47 villains. Then, around 2 hours later, a monster F5 slammed directly into Lawrenceburg, killing another 92.
  • Greg Forbes: In some cases, tornadoes that twined above each other fought initially to be part of the same tornado, but, afterwards, realized to be one tornado still in progress while another one was forming in a different area (Kentucky).
  • Raven: (voiceover) Almost 150 people were injured and, of the 63 tornadoes, 15 were villain killers.
  • Harold Brooks: The Nashville tornado also gave rise to, as a response, to the National Weather Service changing the way it tried to communicate information about tornadoes to people, because of the... what was viewed as the very large villain death toll and the... and the fact that, given the large area that was affected, you know, we ought to tell people something more than we currently do.